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The Brown Family 

To Our Valued Guests,

I would like to start out by saying thank you to each and every one of our guests for joining us this season and for making 2016 another good year. We would like to extend an extra thank you to all those loyal guests who came and supported us again, as this meant more to us now than ever before! We really take pride in the fact that year after year 90% of our guests are return guests to Totem Resorts, which says a lot about how people feel about our three lodges and outpost cabin. We believe that the key to our success is to strive for quality and service and our belief in excellence.

At each lodge we are fully staffed with guest service and personnel who are happy to assist our guests in any way they can. In fact, we want you to leave with the feeling that you have received far more than you expected or could have imagined paying for. We like to provide our guests with a bunch of 'little extras' and it's all worth it when we see the same happy faces year after year. Our goal here has always been to make Totem Resorts exclusive, comfortable and affordable and our new all inclusive rates promise no hidden extras. We have never claimed that we are the cheapest lodge around, nor are we the most expensive, but we pride ourselves on being the absolute best on Lake of the Woods or all of Canada for that matter! We pride ourselves on the very best guides, boats, out-of-this-world shorelunches, accommodations, service and not to mention world-class fishing!


As a father, who took the lodge over from his father 39 years ago, I am extremely proud of my children and wife for stepping into management roles at all four lodges over the years. I enjoy watching them become more and more involved in the family business. My oldest son Eric Jr. is putting his 22 years of experience in the industry into managing Totem Lodge. My daughter, Stephanie, will be managing for her 20th year at Yellowbird Lodge and my youngest son DJ will be managing his 8th year at Wiley Point Lodge. Sandra and myself will now be overseeing everything, now that each of the three lodges is being managed by one of my children. This really is a dream come true for us. We are a family with the unique opportunity to work together, strive towards our goals together and share in our successes together too. We look forward to having our three grandchildren stepping into roles much further down the road.

Thanks again everyone - we look forward to having you join us for another exciting season in the year 2017.

Eric R. Brown